Posted: September 27, 2017

Due Date: 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


·       Friday  Sept. 29th – Orange shirt day 


- Picture orders due on October 3rd  


·       Sc. Humaines

-Bring pictures and words from magazines, catalogue, internet, etc… (family, clothing, career, etc…) that will be for your self-portrait how you see yourself in 20 years.

 -Qui suis-je et l’actualité due Monday October 2nd

 ·       Français

 -Lire 15-20 minutes et réflexion

 ·       Math

 -Sign duotang and return if not done yet

 -Some students have not finished their homework from Monday

 in Math book p.69 #1 a , c     #4 a , e    p.73-74 # 1 a , b, e   #4   #7

 p.79 #2

 -Review divisibility rules

 ·       Science

 -make sure you have done your predictions and observations for the 6 mixtures done in your first class experiment.

 ·       MUSIC RAFA

 -Bring instrument form

 ·       ART RAFA

 -Finish half page combo drawing if not done

LA - Black out poetry due Friday Sept. 29th and no more class time to do it!!