Grade 7 Mahi-Mahi information and homework

Posted: November 5, 2018

Due Date: 

Monday, November 5, 2018


To all Grade 7 students Mahi-Mahi


 Information and Homework 

-Answer new questions in hallway Brain Quest Canada answers collected every Friday, Immersion en français, PIF in English


-Canadian Poster Personality – Poster and Presentation has to be done by Wednesday, Nov 7th

Walk of Fame!!



N4 Some students are writing Test#2 tomorrow, please do review sheet 3.1 fractions to decimals

N7 – decimals and fractions – see attached documents if you need help 

Please note:  Students who have incomplete assignments in Math need to stay 2-3 to finish what was not completed.



1-Student should be done their good copy of procedural writing by tomorrow Tuesday, Nov. 6th

2- Using script of their procedural writing students need to present their piece using one of the following choices: (Power Point, Poster presentation, Collage or Video).  Every project has a oral part to this also either recorded or presented to Mme LeBlanc.

 This part needs to be completed and presented by Nov.23rd



A lot of French paragraph are not completed…list of students need to stay 2-3 to finish project

All Immersion and Francophone students reading in French, please see sheet given to you for reading at home

All English students practicing speaking in French