Information and Homework Grade 7 Team

Posted: October 22, 2018

Due Date: 

Monday, October 22, 2018


To all Grade 7 students


 Information and Homework


-Oranges and DFS sales for SMS Fundraiser  Sell…Sell…Sell…  next collection day will be Wednesday Oct. 24th


-Group A and Group B have Phys Ed on Tuesday Oct.23rd


-Bring a Pumpkin – Pumpkin carving this week


-Bring white Bristol board and pencil crayons for activity

-Answer Brain Quest Canada questions in hallway, answers by Friday please!! :)

-Activity Day will be Friday Oct. 26th


-Math N4 –decimals and fractions – see attached document if you need help


**Test for N4 will be on Thursday Oct. 25th**


Students not completed N6 – now need to stay 2-3 to finish what was not completed.


 -French class


A lot of French paragraph are not completed…need to stay 2-3 to finish project


All Immersion and Francophone students reading in French, please see sheet given to you for reading at home (only F1 has it for now)


All English students practicing speaking in French