Purple Team Homework

Posted: June 9, 2015

Quebec Trip- Missing a few sheets and $$ for Quebec.  Please return ASAP. Due to bad weather, the Geocaching activity schedule for Thursday, June 11th, will be moved to Monday June 15th .  That means that Thursday will be a regular Day 1 however lunch will be an early lunch time.    Monday, June 15th - Day 3 INCENTIVE DAYBlock 1-2-3 - Capture the Flag (College Hill) Block 4- RAFALUNCH - Nacho Lunch provided in Kitchen (No Cafeteria, if you don't like Nachos, please bring a lunch)Block 5-6-7 Geocaching activity with Lesa Scott  You will be outside for most of the day, you need proper clothing and footwear.  Bring water bottle, a hat, sunscreen and bug spray.  **Students who are not permitted to do the incentive, will have a work package to do on a different team**    All Grade 7's are doing a common writing assessment on Tuesday June 16th - Day 4 Block 1-2-3 Activity Day will be on Thursday June 18th - will be Coronation park (park and pool)  LUNCH will be provided.Thursday June 18th - School Dance Circus Theme - 4$ with no costume or ID and 3$ with ID or costume and $2 with both. 1/2 day on Friday June 19th. Year End slideshow   Science (7-1,7-2,7-3)  - Continuing Unit on Earth's Crust. We are discussing Earthquakes and Volcanoes in class.   Français Immersion (7-3) - Pour le DDLS, les élèves doivent finir projet de Sc.Hum pour lundi le 15 juin.                                             - Lecture à la maison    Post Intensive French (7-1, 7-2)                        - we are reading more  books in French in class.  Please review  with your child.                                        - The following websites can help for students learning French                                http://www.lasouris-web.org/primaire/signets_1.html      beginner                                   http://www.lasouris-web.org/primaire/signets_2.html      more advanceLA(7-1, 7-2, 7-3) Social Studies (7-1,7-2)Project due June 17th Phys. Ed - Started outdoor Unit7-1, 7-2 and 7-3   Weather permitting, we will have phys.ed outsideActivities will include: soccer baseball, outdoor basketball, capture the flag, and ultimate frisbee If the weather is not nice we will have the following activities inside: ball hockey, dodgeball, capture the flag or activities  **Please make sure you are ready for either one**