Purple Team Homework

Posted: June 1, 2015

Quebec Trip- Sign and return Letter for Quebec $$ in account.  A minimum of 150$ has to be in your account by Friday June 5th.  If there is a problem with meeting this deadline, please indicate on the sheet 7-3   ENGRADE SHEET TO RETURN TO MME LEBLANC Math (7-1,7-2,7-3)-All grade 7's will be writing a Math District test on Tuesday,June 2nd Science (7-1,7-2,7-3)  - Continuing Unit on Earth's Crust. We are discussing Earthquakes and Volcanoes in class.   Français Immersion (7-3) - Pour le DDLS, les élèves doivent travailler sur leur partie 4 en Sc.Hum.                                            - Lecture à la maison  Sc.Hum  Immersion (7-3)  - Partie 4- Partie ecrite doit etre termine le mardi 9 juin.Partie Créative travail de classe  toutes les presentations commencent le  15 juin.  Post Intensive French (7-1, 7-2) - working on reading comprehension and writing.                                     -students are working on describing an image and putting a story in order of what is happening.                                         - we are reading more  books in French in class.  Please review  with your child.                                        - The following websites can help for students learning French                                http://www.lasouris-web.org/primaire/signets_1.html      beginner                                   http://www.lasouris-web.org/primaire/signets_2.html      more advanceLA(7-1, 7-2, 7-3)-LA writing due June 5th Social Studies (7-1,7-2)-Reflection assignment due on June 5th Phys. Ed - Started outdoor Unit7-1, 7-2 and 7-3   Weather permitting, we will have phys.ed outsideActivities will include: soccer baseball, outdoor basketball, capture the flag, and ultimate frisbee If the weather is not nice we will have the following activities inside: ball hockey, dodgeball, capture the flag or activities  **Please make sure you are ready for either one**