Storm Day Plan

Posted: February 6, 2020

Grade 6

-Teachers have assigned work on Teacher Pages.

Grade 7

-Teachers have assigned work on Teacher Pages.

Grade 8 

In Math students are expected to be at the end of slide 10 of the N4 Powepoint on Monday, when they return to school.
The literacy assignment:
For those students into superstitions, like wearing pjs inside out or putting ice cubes in the toilet in order to get a snowday, enjoy this read. 
  • Read the text "Are you Superstitious?" (at least two times through)   see below
  • Reproduce the graphic organizer onto looseleaf or print if you are able
  • Complete the graphic organizer with 3 examples from the text of each of the four types of superstitions labelled on the organizer ... ie: Magic Supersitions (list 3), Important Events (list 3). etc...
Literacy by Language
Read 20 minutes (PIF students are expected to do this in English and Immersion students are expected to do it in French)
Any work that is currently overdue should be completed. Reader's Theater scripts were not all handed in to date and some students are STILL missing their completed Memoir for English Language Arts.