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Posted: November 27, 2013


Tue, Nov 26/13 8:00 pm
read 20 minutesfinish persuasive outline- not introduction!oranges are in tomorrowduotang for language artsmath 6-definitions for geometry, work booklet due Friday, and mathletics! 7-pg. 98-99 #1 (b,c) 3 et 5 8-sheet due Friday

Posted: November 26, 2013


Mon, Nov 25/13 8:00 pm
read 20 minutesgym tomorrowlanguage arts duotangrafa music- duotangmath 6e- geomatry set and mathletics 7e- no homework 8- pg. 113 #6,8,10 et 11 pis feuille du vendredideliver lamontange orders!!!oranges are in Thursday

Posted: November 25, 2013


Sun, Nov 24/13 8:00 pm
LectureMath- 6e - mathletics and math booklet due Friday.               - bring geometry set    7e-  no homework    8e - finish fraction problemLA- Bring in a duotangArt RAFA- pick a paintingFrench- practice festivals presentationMusic RAFA- work on titile page and bring in a duotangLet orange customers know that oranges should be in this weekend.  Listen to MAX 104.9LaMontagne orders are in!!


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