Thunder Dragons Gr. 8 Documents

Thunder Dragons!


Title Document Postedsort ascending
SS3 Surface Area of Prisms PDF icon ss3_ss4_surface_area_and_volume_of_prisms.pdf May 31, 2024
N4 et N5 Les taux et les rapports PDF icon n4_n5_les_rapports_et_les_taux.pdf May 7, 2024
N4 and N5 Rates and Ratio PDF icon n4_n5_rates_and_ratios.pdf May 7, 2024
N3- English Version- Percent PDF icon n3_percentages_1.pdf April 18, 2024
N3-Francais- les pourcentages PDF icon n3_les_pourcentages.pdf April 18, 2024
SS1 Le théorème de Pythagore PDF icon ss1_le_theoreme_de_pythagore.pdf March 25, 2024
SS1 The Pythagorean Theorem PDF icon ss1_the_pythagorean_theorem.pdf March 25, 2024
PR2: Resoudre des equations lineaires PDF icon pr2_resoudre_des_equations_lineaires.pdf February 23, 2024
PR2: Solving Linear Equations PDF icon pr2_solving_linear_equations.pdf February 23, 2024
N6 continue- diviser les fractions PDF icon n6_diviser_les_fractions.pdf February 5, 2024
N6 continued- Dividing Fractions PDF icon n6_dividing_fractions.pdf February 5, 2024
N6- Multiplying Fractions File n_6_multiplying_fractions_part_abc.pptx January 6, 2024
N6- Multiplier les fractions File n6_-_multiplier_les_fractions.pptx January 6, 2024
SS5- Diapositive -version francaise PDF icon ss5_-_les_vues_des_objets_a_3d.pdf December 1, 2023
SS5 PowerPoint English Version PDF icon ss5_-_top_front_and_side_views_of_3d_objects.pdf December 1, 2023
ASD-N 2023-24 Student Attendance Policy PDF icon 2023-24_asd-n_attendance_plan_parent_version_2.pdf November 26, 2023
SS2- version francaise- Les developpements PDF icon ss2_les_developpements.pdf November 14, 2023
SS2 Draw and Construct Nets For 3-D Objects PDF icon ss2_nets_of_3d_objects.pdf November 14, 2023
English Version PR!- Part B PDF icon pr1_part_b_linear_graphing_ppt.pdf November 1, 2023
French Imm. PR1- Partie B PDF icon pr1_partie_b_les_graphiques_de_relations_lineaires_ppt.pdf November 1, 2023
French Immersion Version PR1 Partie A PDF icon pr1_partie_a_creer_une_table_de_valeurs_ppt.pdf October 22, 2023
English Version Part A PR1 PDF icon pr1_part_a_creating_a_table_of_values_ppt.pdf October 22, 2023
N7 La priorite des operations partie C PDF icon n7_partie_c_la_priorite_des_operations_2.pdf October 9, 2023
N7 Order of Operations PDF icon n7_part_c_order_of_operations_1.pdf October 9, 2023
Order of Operations with Integers PDF icon n7_part_c_order_of_operations.pdf October 1, 2023