Thunder Dragons Gr. 8 Documents

Thunder Dragons!


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SS5- Diapositive -version francaise PDF icon ss5_-_les_vues_des_objets_a_3d.pdf December 1, 2023
SS5 PowerPoint English Version PDF icon ss5_-_top_front_and_side_views_of_3d_objects.pdf December 1, 2023
ASD-N 2023-24 Student Attendance Policy PDF icon 2023-24_asd-n_attendance_plan_parent_version_2.pdf November 26, 2023
SS2- version francaise- Les developpements PDF icon ss2_les_developpements.pdf November 14, 2023
SS2 Draw and Construct Nets For 3-D Objects PDF icon ss2_nets_of_3d_objects.pdf November 14, 2023
English Version PR!- Part B PDF icon pr1_part_b_linear_graphing_ppt.pdf November 1, 2023
French Imm. PR1- Partie B PDF icon pr1_partie_b_les_graphiques_de_relations_lineaires_ppt.pdf November 1, 2023
French Immersion Version PR1 Partie A PDF icon pr1_partie_a_creer_une_table_de_valeurs_ppt.pdf October 22, 2023
English Version Part A PR1 PDF icon pr1_part_a_creating_a_table_of_values_ppt.pdf October 22, 2023
N7 La priorite des operations partie C PDF icon n7_partie_c_la_priorite_des_operations_2.pdf October 9, 2023
N7 Order of Operations PDF icon n7_part_c_order_of_operations_1.pdf October 9, 2023
Order of Operations with Integers PDF icon n7_part_c_order_of_operations.pdf October 1, 2023
La priorite des operations PDF icon n7_partie_c_la_priorite_des_operations.pdf October 1, 2023
Part 2 Integers- Dividing Integers PDF icon n7_powerpoint_for_pif_students_part_b_-_copy_1.pdf September 20, 2023
Math Makes Sense 8 English Textbook PDF PDF icon math_makes_sense_textbook_gr_8.pdf September 12, 2023
SP 6 IMM PDF icon sp6_for_imm_students_1.pdf June 11, 2023
PR7 Solving Equations PDF icon pr7.pdf May 23, 2023
PR 6 PDF icon pr6.pdf May 16, 2023
PPT 4 Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers File n5_for_pif_students_4.pptx May 9, 2023
PPt 4- lLes Fractions File n5_for_imm_students_4.pptx May 9, 2023
3e PowerPoint soustraire les fractions pour immersion/en francais File n5_for_imm_students_3.pptx April 28, 2023
PowerPoint 3- Subtracting Fractions PIF/English Version File n5_for_pif_students_3.pptx April 28, 2023
Contest! Be Police Chief for a Day! File chief_for_a_day2023.docx April 21, 2023
2e PowerPoint sur les fractions. L'addition et la soustraction des fractions File n5_for_imm_students_2.pptx April 20, 2023
2nd PowerPoint N5 Adding and Subtracting Fractions PIF English version File n5_for_pif_students_2.pptx April 20, 2023